How do I buy and download?

When you complete the checkout process, you will receive a download link in your email to a ZIP file containing the templates that you can then download. We’re Mobile Friendly! You can purchase a template on your phone and download the files later on your computer using your purchase confirmation email.

  • Click on the link in your email to download the file. Unzip the file by double clicking on the downloaded ZIP folder.

  • Open the “Before You Begin” PDF instructions to download the necessary Free Fonts.

  • Install each font by clicking on the provided URL in PDF. Double click on the downloaded file to install the font.

  • Open the template using Microsoft Word.

    (If you don’t have Microsoft Word, download it Free for 30 days here. (Personal Microsoft Word 365 subscription only costs $6.99/month and you will receive access to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and much more. It’s a truly great deal.)

  • If you have any difficulties editing the template or opening the files, please email

Can I change the colors of template?

Yes. You can change the color of the background and font in templates that have a color background (not image background). To change color of the background, simply select the background image, go to “Format” tab on top of the page, click on the Fill Bucket to select a different color.

To change the color of text, select the text and apply text color in the home tab on top of the page.

To change the image background, click on the background image and hit delete key on your keyboard. To paste a new background image, click on INSERT on top panel, select picture and navigate to an image you want to use. Resize the image by dragging the corner while holding down the shift key to keep the size proportionate. Then right click on the image, select ARRANGE –> SEND TO BACK. This will move the image to the background.

Can I use Microsoft Word for Windows and Mac computers?

Yes. The templates will retain their design on Microsoft Word for Windows and Mac computers.

Can I add sections to the templates?

Yes. You can copy and paste any text box on the page. For example, if you want to add a section for Hobbies or Awards, simply select one of the titles on the page, copy the text box, and paste a new one. The same applies to removing elements you don’t need. Simply select a text box or any element you want to delete, and hit delete key on your keyboard.

Can I use online version of Microsoft Word to edit the templates?

No. The templates for Microsoft Word can only be edited in Microsoft Word. You can download a free trial of Microsoft Word 365 and download a desktop version of Microsoft Word onto your computer.

Can I change the order of the text columns in the template?

Yes. All text boxes are maneuverable and can be moved anywhere on the page freely.

Do you provide technical assistance if I need help?

Absolutely! If for whatever reason you do not receive your files within 15 minutes or have difficulty using or opening the files, please email us at We love helping our customers!

How many times can I download the templates?

You can download your template as many times as you like. Simply log into your account or retrieve your purchase confirmation email.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of digital products and the inability to return them physically, we do not offer refunds. However, we will help resolve any issues you may have with our products quickly and effectively to the best of our ability.

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